College rule-breaking can land you in jail

If you have recently graduated from high school and are now enrolled at the University of South Alabama, Springhill College or Coastal Alabama Community College, you should know that mistakes you make in college can land you in jail, not detention.  

Avoid derailing your life by avoiding criminal charges. As a college student, understand the situations you may face. 

College admissions fraud 

Parents and students alike look for competitive edges on admissions tests and other criteria. When they cross the line to bribe officials, hire people to take tests or otherwise cheat, they may be committing serious crimes, including mail fraud and identity theft. 

Alcohol and drug offenses 

If you are under age yourself or provide alcohol to other students who are under age, you may be committing serious crimes. Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is also a crime. Do not forget that for a minor, virtually any amount of alcohol in your system is enough to qualify you for a DUI charge under Alabama law

Alabama is a relatively conservative state when it comes to drug laws. You should not count on leniency as a college student if caught with even small amounts of illegal drugs. 

College parties and events like football games may seem like environments where many other students are breaking the rules and laughing it off. Do not discover too late that the penalties for breaking these rules can be severe. 


A fight in high school may have gotten you suspended. In college, you could face assault charges and a civil lawsuit. Avoid violent confrontations of any kind, on or off campus. Defending yourself against criminal and/or civil charges could take time and money away from getting your degree. 

If you are a college student, you are off to a promising start in life. Do not derail it by getting involved in criminal charges.